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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  January 15, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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good evening everyone. more huge losses today for wall street. [bell ringing] >> the closing bell signals an end to a bad day in a roller coaster week. $1.5 trillion in net worth has been lost since the beginning of the year. the dow jones dropped below 16,000. the nas deck was down 1weubgs. the s& p500 one -- nasdaq was down. we have more on what it means for casual investors. >> reporter: when it rains it pours. let me tell you investors, financial advisories, they are saying take stock, think about how they feel about haoez changes, do you have a long plan? those are questions that they say are very important because we could be seeing more of it
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this volatility throughout 2016. this morning oil prices moved lower. and oil prices now are a barometer of the concern is not only will supply excessive but demand is weakening. >> reporter: the along with oil dropping below $30 a barrel, fears over a drop in china's markets and reports of weak december sales added to the fears of the growth, that it is slowing, since the markets opened january 4th, the dow dropped len00 points in 2 weeks. you can still see the markets growth in the long run over the past several decades it is a sharp drop from the high last may and there are concerns it could turn into a 20% drop signaling a bare market. >> reporter: suzanne has a stake in selling jewelry in san
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francisco's financial district on the corner. she and her dog, stella, have been here since 1996. >> sometimes 20 or 30 pieces we will sell. haoez days only 10 or 5. >> reporter: expeters say now -- >> reporter: now it is time to stick to it. >> if there are continuing signs of a weakened economy experts could say it could effect interest rates. if things continue they might decide to postpone any interest rate hike until their next meeting coming in june. reporting live, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you. a major development tonight involving the warriors plan to move to san francisco. it it has been pushed back for a year. the delay is thanks to a recently filed lawsuit by the mission bay alliance. a group fears that noise and traffic from the new arena will be bad for patients at the nearby ucsf children's hospital.
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so, this means here that the warriors will now stay at the arena in oakland through the spring of 2019. that is one season longer hapb they -- longer than they had planned. it is disappointing, wasteful, harmful to the workers and small businesses and neighbors in mission bay that are counting on the new venue. we are looking at opening the sports and entertainment center in 2019. >> now to the super bowl, only 3 weeks to go until super bowl. vandals are trying to leave their mark. the crime reporter shows us what they did. >> reporter: it seems like nothing is immune to vandals. not even the big game. >> this sign across from the famous painted ladies was scruffed up by vandals, the sign that features coins that are used in the coin toss has been cleaned up but you can still see where someone had
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deface today. >> it is sad to see because all of the people are coming in. people are frustrated because there are tons of people in the city taking over market. i know it changes my office commute and everything. so, it kind of sucks people are vandalizing this. >> the vandalism is a black eye for residents and tourists. >> i think it is so sad that someone would do. that i got here yesterday, my first time in the city. to see that and hear about that t is really depressing. >> not far away near san francisco city hall we found a similar sign featuring championship wings that had solarpanels removed from the back. the sign was the first to be unveiled just before christmas. >> this is the first of 10 what we are calling bay area 50s that will pagicly appear throughout the bay area. -- magically appear throughout the bay area. you might think where it might show up. >> reporter: a third sign sits near the palas of fine arts, we learned a 4th sign will be placed on twin peaks.
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the power signs are on property maintained by the recreation and parks department. it is not up to the city to remove the graffiti. >> the responsibility lies with the host committee and the nfl. and, from my understanding they responded promptly to inquiries and concerns. >> reporter: the locations are a closely guarded secret on build up the suspense and not to hide them from vandals,. >> if caught, they could face jail times and punishment goes up as the damaged figure goes up. in san francisco, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> now, all right, now, to the weather. a live look here at the golden gate bridge. you can see rain coming down there from the camera at the toll plaza. and, these are some pictures that we just got from fisherman's wharf. the rain is not coming down hard, they have their umbrellas out.
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others were not prepared but did not seem all that bothered by the rain. bill martin watching all of the storms lining up in the pacific. it is great. we had no rain, we have the break and now we have rain. >> yes, getting more rain. this is a system we are tracking, coming in. it has game. it is really going to dump rain tonight and tomorrow morning, so, that is where the rain will be heaviest. we are seeing showers throughout the bay area. i will lay out the radar for you. areas of yellow. south of san francisco. raining down this. now, south of here we are getting an impulse coming onshore. raining harder there than anywhere else met the bay area right now. as you head over belmont, that is some, some significant rainfall. but, the real weather system gets in here late tonight and early tomorrow morning. when i say real -- the main frontal band. it impulses in front of the ban. the main band will be here early tomorrow morning and it will look like this. here we are at midnight and tomorrow morning. you see the yellows and some
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oranges will pop up, too. that is 7:00, 8:00 tomorrow morning. now, the rain coming down heavy. after that, the break. more rain, more lined up here. the rain continues but we are getting the breaks as frank points out. that is huge. we don't get the breaks we are getting rain like this it helped like that. we will get a break in the afternoon. when i come back we will talk about tomorrow's showers, when is the best time to get outside will be and how much rain in the next system that is stronger. >> and a reminder you can turn to bill and the rest of the weather team during this entire stormy winter. they will track the wet and cold weather in the bay area and how it could effect your plans. 2 new developments in the shooting death of a teenager on a b.a.r.t team last saturday night. the police released new pictures of the suspect. he took off running after the shooting at the west oakland station and still on the loose tonight. the investigators have not yet released a motive. also today, the county coroner's office released the name of the victim.
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he has been identified as 19- year-old carlos ramaro. san francisco police say they arrested a suspect in a random attack that left a well known artist dead. the police say surveillance video tracked down 38-year-old white at his home last week. he has been charged with four felonies, including involuntary manslaughter. the victim was 74-year-old stewart jackson. a sketch artist. on december 5th he was waiting for a bus when he was knocked down and punched. jackson hit his head on the pavement and died a month later. the police graduated its 247th class. they included 3 oakland police officers. now, new at 10:00, amber lee is in the city of the scottish rite center with common theme of officers going into policing, amber? >> reporter: the graduation was held by the center. it was a traditional ceremony.
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one that called for necessary changes. the bag pipe, the walk down the aisle. the anticipation of colors, part of the long standed tradition that is a police graduation. the tooth protect and serve. the backbone of the police work. on this night. a call to restore the community'sing faith in law enforcement. >> trust law enforcement and shaken to its foundation. >> san francisco police chief spoke of the deadly police shooting last month of mario woods. african-american man in bay view and the meade for the police to rebuild trust in the community. my family has a terrible record with the police. new officer wel yams grew up in east oakland where many relatives had run ins with the law. he hopes his life experience will improve public perception
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of the police. >> help me motivate other people to turn to us for help rather than running away. now, in this class. 42, -- 42 new officers three will be oakland police officers. a result of partnership where the san francisco police is helping oakland train new officers. >> you are joining this profession at the most critical time in history. >> the oakland mayor says this profession is at a cross road for change. [cheers and applause] >> daniel is among the 3 oakland officers trained by san francisco police. >> going into san francisco gave me a templet of how to be a police officer. oakland police chief said the oakland officers will face additional weaks of raining back in oakland. plus, field training. >> perfect world we will trade them all in house. we will put them through a 6 week transition course and bring them back to oakland and teaches them about oak
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skphrapbd how they to things specifically. >> this year, total of 14 recruits that trained with sfpd. no matter which department the officers will serve, they say they share a common reason joining the law enforcement family. >> i always wanted to do something that would actually benefit the community and give back to the community. the new san francisco officers still need to complete 16 weeks of field training. frank? >> all right, amber lee in san francisco tonight. amber, thank you. >> downtown san skwroesa park for the super bowl. we will show you the changes and talk about the economic impact. super bowl could bring it to san jose. >> plus, as early as next month we could get relief to cut water use by 25%. the new goals that some californians will have to hit. ve to hit.
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new at 10:00, downtown san jose for super bowl 50. one of the main attractions, chavez park. the park is right near the hotel where the nfc team will be staying. smith is at the park with
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transformation that started it is expected to be huge. >> yes,. >> reporter: workers just took down the popular christmas in the park displays here. now, glowing lights up in the trees. city leaders are saying it is the first of many projects they hope will shine a spotlight on san jose. workers are sprucing up the park in downtown san jose. hanging led lights on trees and installing light boxes and a new turf for football fields, more than a million vice tors expected to be in the bay area for the super bowl the hope they will make their way to san jose. >> we know fans follow teams, so, we hope to welcome guests from all over the country. >> reporter: it helps the nfc team will be staying at the hotel within walking distance of chavez park. it is a rendering of what the park will look like in the end with ca fe, beer garden grove and game areas. it will be open 9 days leading
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up to the super bowl. >> we want our best pace forward for the visitors coming to san jose, a great opportunity to make an impression, the city's economic development director says activities are planned for the city's south of 1st avenue district in san pedro square. she is expecting revenue for the city to be 3-4 times more than a normal weekend in february will bring. the hotels, sales, parking, airport taxes. >> i know in phoenix last year, the super bowl had an impact well over $700 million. it is expecting to be even greater in the bay area. >> there is a surprise when i walked over here. it is amazing. >> the long time resident is excited to see the park come alive. and hopes visitors will return after the super bowl. >> i think they will win, it is a great town. >> both the afc and nfc champions are expected to fly into san jose international
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airport. big money well. also, the center in san jose will host super bowl opening night formally known as media day on february 1st, frank? >> will be a busy couple of three days. great america has private parties scheduled and a game day event for ticket holders in the amphitheater. for that they need workers. so, great america is hiring people a month earlier than usual. specifically for all of the super bowl events. >> like any special event day there will be a lot more guests it in the park. there will be a few more mvps. it means normally a more excited atmosphere and it is really fun working those. >> great america says it expects to hire about 2500 people this year about 300 will start immediately for the super
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bowl. and the lease on the coliseum ends next month. since the team lost the bid to southern california the raiders future is in limbo. the meeting could potentially happen next week. oakland city councilmember is a member of the authority and he hopes the raiders will stay in oakland. >> it is all up to the raiders. after that, raiders can determine if they want to go to levi stadium or they would have to resubmit another relocation package to the nfl. >> also today, the authority agreed to repair the bathrooms and improve the food and beverage service. they are going to add electric car charging stations to the city and parking lot. -- stadium and parking lot. a bitter debate last night in north charleston, south carolina. we have to get out. >> reporter: fresh off of a
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strong debate performance, donald trump fired up the crowd in iowa today. trump and cruz enjoyed a friendly rivalry but it turned sour over the last few weeks as cruz's poll numbers surged. >> nbc, waelt junioral came out with a poll headlined trump way up, cruz going down. >> cruz continued to face questions raised by trump to become president. had he was born in can did but his mother is an american citizen. the tex tex senator stayed in south carolina to shore up support -- texas senator stayed in south carolina to shore up support. >> bush gaining achievement, gained endorsement by lindsay gram. >> first, lindsay gram is a patriot, he loves this country. you just heard it, how he spoke from his heart about what is at stake here, what is at stake is our way of life.
10:20 pm
>> reporter: senator marco rubio went against president barack obama thans his rivals. >> the issue is before mark koelbel and the tkhapblg barack obama has done and the damage that hillary clinton will continue to. >> reporter: hillary clinton, her rival, sander will meet on the debate stage in south carolina this sunday. in washington, pox news. >> some relief from california's mandate for water conservation may be coming as soon as next month. we are still in a drought but all of the rain we have gotten filled the reservoirs, as a result the state water resource board said it may reduce the 25% mandate for certain water agents next month. they are warning the changes will be modest. >> tracking showers throughout the bay area right now. wet roads out there throughout san francisco and parts of san jose. the showers are now working their way in. the heaviest showers will be back here tomorrow morning.
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but we are already seeing moderate rainfall throughout the bay area. down here on the peninsula we have seen rainfall, the oranges and the yell lows representing it. now, a little lighter in the north bay. unusual. we have been getting heavier rain up here. this system right now, the impulse going through, it is dropping the heaviest rain in the valley. so, as you get further over towards the bridge, you see the showers showing up heavier showers showing up in fremont and bay area wide. this is really just the atmosphere preparing for the weather system that will be here tomorrow morning about 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 in the morning stharbgs when the rain is the heaviest. tomorrow morning, about 7:00 a.m., you will see showers widespread. bay area forecast model. mostly cloudy in the morning t is raining at 7:00 a.m. heading towards lunchtime, scattered showers all over the place. but not as rainy as in the morning. in the afternoon, lunchtime, i think you will be able to get outside and do stuff.
10:22 pm
a few scattered showers lingering, but the weather in terms of getting out and playing baseball and soccer you will get away with. playing golf, too. after that, so, tomorrow, between 12:00 and 5:00 or so that is where you will want to it. that sunday system has legs and it will be wet. when i come back, we will talk more about the morning, wet and talk about the sunday system. see you back here. >> they are not getting paid. instead, they are working for something more important. better than leaving in the park is at the end of my rope. >> san francisco neighborhood put homeless teams to work. what the teams and the neighborhood are getting in return. new details about the 49ers new head coach coming up tonight in sports, what we are hearing about multiyear contract that is worth millions. at 10:30, search and rescue teams spread out over the sugar bowl resort. details about the ski instructor and the growing
10:23 pm
threat of an avalanche.
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they are not working for money. sphed they are working for a roof over their heads. >> almost every day here in san francisco's history, homeless people clean up the streets where they once hung out. >> people are throwing garbage out. don't pick up after themselves right? among them, rebecca, sleep manage golden gate park. now, with her 4-year-old son e eric, she picks up letter on the sidewalks and the curb. >> a dozen homeless people who are part of the street sweepers program instead of working for money they get a free room in this hotel. >> way better than living in the park. i was at the end of my rope. i don't make enough money when i had my job. i did not make enough money
10:26 pm
around here. >> street sweepers, part of the program, taking it to the streets, part of the brainchild and christian a professional body piercer and former drug addict. >> when you are here, going down the road with drugs and whatever, and then the road where you actually get your life together and, there is nothing at the cross roads right now. the streets have gotten cleaner. >> at lunchtime, the block is usually pretty clean. a lot of the times the people leave their, you know, dog mess in and they usually clean that up, too. >> in the hraf 2 years since the program began, the co founders say 50 people who were once on the street are now off. >> people who live outdoors actually want to get off of the streets and get their lives together they know there is an option that will support them in doing that.
10:27 pm
it is huge. >> reporter: someone like it this 19-year-old who fallen has a chance to get up. >> it leaves a lot of stress. once you get stress and worry out of your system you realize that you are happy with the people around you. >> reporter: street sweepers is getting so popular that the organizers are hoping to double the program by the end of the year. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. >> also in san francisco, the police want the public's help finding an tunistic car thief. he found a car with engine running and stole it while the owner was in the station's store. it happened at golden gate park on january 5th. the police released this video. you can see it there, the suspect got into a honda and then drove off. the car was found the next day. the police say that the suspect
10:28 pm
is from stockton. in san jose, the police are looking for a hit and run driver who struck ask killed a bike rider early this morning. it happened before 5:00 on santa clara street. the investigators say the driver's vehicle left the roadway, jumped the curve and plowed right into the man. then they think the driver hit the victim twice when he put his truck in reverse to get away. the police are looking for a white pick up truck that will have front end damage. >> late '80s, early '90s. full size, something like a chevy pick up truck they described it. it appears at the bed of the rubg, it had quite a bit of items in that truck. unknown items. >> the cyclist was unconscious when the ambulance arrived and died at the hospital. he was a 60-year-old transient. walmart is closing stores, why people are worried where they will shop next week.
10:29 pm
land and air, rescuers pacing avalanche conditions to find a missing ski instructor near the sugar bowl resort.
10:30 pm
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the search on for a missing ski instructor in the sierra. he was last seen yesterday afternoon. tonight, the rescue effort is expanding. they are serpbing searching in a foot 1/2 of new snow. the risk of an avalanche is real now. members of the tahoe search and rescue team arrived one after another with more equipment to search the mountains in plaser county for missing ski instructor. may had the afternoon officer yesterday from his job at the mountain sports learning center when he headed up the hill. search teams were folk used on the backcountry behind the resort area. the investigators were not sure
10:32 pm
exactly where he was headed. >> yes. we don't. we are just -- we are going to search all of the areas that we can. >> the area was just blanketed with 18 inches of snow overnight. that was welcomed news for the skiers and snowboarders who were unaware of the situation with the missing ski instructor. >> now, last cease onwas not good. nice have good snow for once. >> it is like silk. it is beautiful, beautiful. >> smooth as silk. avalanche experts say the way the snowpack has been building. they issued a warning on friday morning for the backcountry. so, again, that was kevin oliver reporting, let's bring in bill now, are the search teams going to have to deal with more snow? >> yes. more snow, the big story, of course, mention it just there, there is an avalanche warning in the lake tahoe basin area. now, not for the ski resorts.
10:33 pm
going skiing, what have you. for the backcountry where they are looking for this young man there is an avalanche warning, a big deal. the reason? there is freezing and melting there. so, the slabs develop. you have strong winds, developing the slabs of snow that slide easily. here is the other issue. the system moving if right now in the area. not going to make it easy. tonight, they could see another 6-8 inches of snow up there. snowing up there right now. so, more snow on the way tonight. our system moving through here now will fill into this area. making the conditions even worse. again, another foot of snow possible by the morning tomorrow morning. so, that is very big issue for searchers in that area. now, when i come back we will talk more about lake tahoe and your ski report. and the big weather system that will get here on sunday. it will impact your sunday. i guarantee it. we will see you back here. >> two walmart stores are on the list to be closed across the country and overseas, the
10:34 pm
wall street in oakland, right next to 880, going to close in who days, people who depend on walmart's low prices are upset as you might imagine. their community is already under served. they say this store is always busy. now they are worried about where they are going to shop after it closes. >> this is like the only store that has suitable prices for the community. so, the fact that this store is closing down i am worried about the people that work here, i am worried about the community members, where will they go? >> the other store that is closing is on the monterey high school. california is losing 9 walmarts all together. the total number of stores closed worldwide is 269. but walmart does plan to reopen 300 new stores this year. uber says they plan to hire drivers with felony records, only those who's crimes have been reduced to misdemeanors under prop 47 that passed in 2014. the felonies could include
10:35 pm
personal use of illegal drugs, shoplifting or writing a bad check. uber will have 0 tolerance for dui convics. the hide sharinging conviction has poor drivers screening in the past. >> a support group for the victims of abuse is calling for a grand jury investigation after a boy was allegedly assaulted by his teacher. video released last week striking the 9-year-old special needs student. the footage shows her coworker laughing during the episode. the incident happened inside of a classroom in antioch. the founders of the survivors network of those abused by priests are calling for a grand jury investigation. so far two school employees have been fired. one is facing a felony child abuse charge. new details in the case of sacramento man indicted on a terrorism-related charge. the court documents released
10:36 pm
today show he used a social media account associated with isis in a plot to return to syria. the 23-year-old used a virginia based facebook account in 2014. the iraqi-born american was indicted yesterday on 1 federal charge that he lied to the investigators about traveling to syria to fight against the government there. he was arrested last week and remains in jail in sacramento. it is news no police department wants to hear. one of their own is arrested. coming up at 10:45. what a south bay police dispatchers is in charge of.
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we have developing news. al-qaida militants attacked a four star hot skpel nearby cafe in the capitol that is popular with westerners. security forces have been battling with them for hours. 10 bodies have been found in the kr-bgs afe. 33 other people have managed to escape from the hotel. now, -- cafe. 33 other people have managed to escape from the hotel. rescue teams still
10:40 pm
searching for the 12 marines missing after woá helicopters are -- two helicopters collided. the authorities are asking people to look for debris that may of come from the helicopters. a witness said he heard loud booms. >> around 11:30 i heard a big explosion, boom. i thought they were practicing. it was a little different. then i heard another one shortly after. a boom. >> the weather has not been easy for search teams. the northshore is known for the big surf and waves have been 10- 15 feet high. a family from tennessee today claimed l part of the $1.6 billion power ball jackpot and they took it all in one lump sum. >> we are going to take the lump sum. because we are not guaranteed tomorrow. >> reporter: that means after
10:41 pm
taxes they will take home $187 million. they plan to pay off their daughter's student loans and do not plan to stop working. >> why not? >> that is what we have done all of our lives. that is work. you just can't sit down and lay down and not do nothing anymore. i mean, how long are you going to last? >> the other tickets were sold in suburb of los angeles and florida. those winners have yet to come forward. he was once honored for his work with the police department. now he is on the other side of the law. what a bay area police dispatchers was arrested for last night. also, rain, tonight, tomorrow, and more on sunday. bill mart sin is tracking how much to expect by the time these series of storms pushes through. a 3-day weekend mixed with ideal conditions, a run on ski
10:42 pm
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in the south bay a police dispatcher honored for his work is accused of being on the wrong side of the law. the suspect's arrest and how it left even the police chief visibly stunned. >> now, at the police station, the officers received news that no department wants to hear. >> so, the tracy police department arrested dan yesterday for charges related to possession of child pornography and so we have been immediately placed him on paid administrative leave. >> the chief is talking about this man, daniel palmer. he joined the police department in who thouz one working as a dispatcher and a reserved police officer. he served on the support team. in 2010 he was recognized as police dispatcher of the year. >> dan is an excellent dispatcher and has always been in the 14 years with us.
10:45 pm
i talked to tracy police by phone. they would not comment. they are the lead agency. they are doing their own investigation. >> as far as i am aware there is no evidence to suggest that any of the activity occurred here within the police department or while dan was on duty. >> reporter: the chief says his officers are fully cooperating with the police. >> this is absolutely shocking to the entire organization. it has shaken us to our core. we pride ourselves on being ethical and holding the highest of standards particularly here in the police department. >> the chief says while it hits everyone hard. the department has more than enough dispatchers to serve the people properly. ktvu fox 2 news. >> the lake is getting hit with a lot of snow tonight. a lot of people traveling for the holiday weekend. a rush of customers at the sports basement store in walnut creek. they are so excited about the snow in the sierra and are rushing to buy new gear.
10:46 pm
and for the first time this year the store is allowing people to rent apparel and reserve items on-line. >> people are coming in droves, yes, the reservation system sort of set in place last year as been tremendous this year. >> we are excited about the snow over there. >> i think last year it was not that great of a season. we are excite about this one. >> the store says lake tahoe has ideal ski conditions right now and the resorts have all of their runs open. we are tracking the snow up there. no advisories yet. other than that avalanche warning for the backcountry. live camera shot outside. we want to point out the rain is coming down more fast and furious. we are getting pooling of water in these areas, so, you know, you are getting -- 1/10th of an inch here at it this station, maybe a little more. the showers are really just firing up now. the showers will really get going in the early morning
10:47 pm
hours as we mentioned a bunch. the showers are going through the bay area. south of santa cruz, you are getting rain right now. the mountains, getting plenty of snow. i would think they have an advisory put in place up here in the next hour or so as the main front comes through. a snow advisory or winter weather advisory or a storm warning, as of yet, not. you will need chains. coming through the south. the focus of the system right through here. north bay, getting a bit of a break right now, opsit of the last system going up north. this is sort of a blip. coming through tomorrow morning, going through the north bay. now, there it is. there is the radar. and here are the storms that are lined up in the pacific, one after the other after the other. friday's storm, tonight, side morning, rape, saturday night a few springels, sunday, that is
10:48 pm
-- morning, rain, saturday night, a few sprinkles, sunday, that is rain. now, plenty of rain to come in the upside t it is we are getting the break tomorrow afternoon. then we will -- it is that we are getting the break. then another break on monday, sunday is a great day to watch football because it will be wet all day on sunday. the model, 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, well is the break. tomorrow afternoon, here comes sunday morning. north bay getting wet. sunday afternoon, drags across the area. 8 hours to get across the bay. 9 hours, troping -- dropping a lot of rain. wet for the south bay and central bay and a break on monday afternoon. fortunate to have the breaks because there is more behind it. the ski report. plenty of snow. be careful driving that way. ski resorts are blasting for avalanches, you should be fine there. that is not where the warning
10:49 pm
resides, the warning is for backcountry. the big concern would be the young man they are looking for at sugar bowl. the avalanche warning, it is making for searchers i would say in the next few hours i don't know how much searching. that will be a problem for them. >> by monday, how much snow in the sierra and rain? >> i bet you by tuesday and wednesday -- tuesday next week we will have six inches of rain in the north bay watersheds, probably around here 2-1/2 2 or 3 inches. >> sierra? >> sierra could see another -- boy, 3-1/2 feet of snow something like that. >> a great winter. >> yes,. >> all right, thank you, bill. new details about chip kelliy's contract. could a heisman trophy winning quarterback coming
10:50 pm
to our team?
10:51 pm
i love working in the salinas area becauseriselda zendejas. i always wanted to do something where i could help people around me.
10:52 pm
so being a construction supervisor for pg&e gives me the opportunity to give a little bit back to my community. i have three boys. they're what keep me going every day. our friends, families live in the area. and it is important for all of us that we keep our community safe. together, we're building a better california. mark is here with sports. the 49ers are signing chip kelly. the most buzz created by what they have done. you know, you take a look at what you might call his his first full day as a job. new niner's coach is getting the lay of the land and he is going to find out the real estate ain't cheap out here. but he can afford it. the terms of his contract laid
10:53 pm
out today. time to quit calling the 4 year deal. remember, they are still on the hook for $10 million on fire the coach and they will, no doubt v to pay all of the assistant coaches they are about to let go of. those are questioning all to be answered. for still unscheduled press conference to introduce kelly next week. he has his 49er gear there. one of those far-fetched. kind of fun stories toes to around a little bit. robert griffith iii could be an interest. rg3 is done in washington. going to accept the back up role today and fit in with the tempo offense. the coach is likely to run in santa clara. let's remember, they have 2 under contract quarterbackers right now. so, let's not get too carried away with the rg3 thing too fast. now, last night, another opportunity to show why many
10:54 pm
consider them to be on the whole. warrior fans. the classiest and probably most well-informed. kobe bryant making the last appearance in oakland as a player receiving a heartfelt send off from the fans. as he left the game in his final minutes. a huge ovation and a thanks. now, kobe and luke greet each other. afterward he talked about his former teammate and now the very impressive coach. >> now, now, i could not be proud of him. now, getting the job. you have a bad back. you are a hippy. phil jackson in the making, written all over you. it is your destiny. but, we always knew he would be phenomenal. >> everyone else but -- it does
10:55 pm
make every game ... >> reporter: the match up, lebron cavaliers taking on the western conference finalists. working it, getting work, smith, to lebron and to be denied. you see the rim in the backboard. that does not happen too often. now, kevin love will save it. a nice moment there. they work it around beautifully and love's jump shot is good. houston, 77 points, they do a lot of talking but they do a lot better at that than playing lebron, 19 points tonight. 91-77. it is not about how many you score. it is about when you score them. now, thompson, she had 12 points medical the final 35 seconds. now, thompson will take it inside and score with 34 seconds left. she was fouled but she missed
10:56 pm
the free throw. stan -- stanford on the defense. it worked for her again. 2.2 seconds left. she hits the winner, missed the free throw again. the cardinal, now 4-1 in the pac-12. now, rough couple of nights for the cal program. man losing to stanford, woman can not handle oregon state tonight. now, not going to be happy, hansen, career best 20, 13 in the first half, cal losing big. 70-48. the bears are 1-4 in the pac- 12. and that is the sporting life for friday night. >> kobe bryant, just looks great. 38, right? >> aging well. >> yes. no telling what he could do in his post basketball career. >> all right, thank you, mark. thank you for joining us tonight, mornings on 2 begins at 7:00 a.m. ityou missed a portion of the newscast, catch the rebroadcast
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starting right now on tv36. have a great night, everyone, see you later
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